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KSP-321 | PopSockets PopGrip

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Use PopSocket’s original Pop Grip to hold your cell phone securely while texting and snapping photos. Extended, a Pop Grip becomes a media stand for watching videos on the fly. A Pop Grip can be used on most brands of phones or phone cases, and it can be moved easily using its repositionable gel. Paired with a mount for a car, desk, or flex mount (sold separately), the Pop Grip makes it effortless to use mobile devices hands-free. For best results, use it in conjunction with a phone case. The gel is designed to stick to most materials, but it may have issues sticking to silicone, waterproof cases, and textured materials, like leather. Material: Plastic Product Dimensions: 1.53" x 1.53" x 0.9" (Expanded) 1.53" x 1.53" x 0.26" (Collapsed)